Camfil Farr's GlidePack air filter housings provide leak-free filter integrity

Camfil Farr's improved GlidePack air filter housings are designed to provide leak-free (less than ½ of 1%, guaranteed) filter integrity. Available in two depths (13 inches and 25 inches), these housings include adapters to accommodate various types and depths of filters. Ribbed tracks allow filters to glide into the housing without binding, and are available in configurations from four high to six filters wide. GlidePack MultiTracks are multiple-stage housings with adaptable tracks for prefilters and final filters (including gas adsorbers).

GlidePack features include a polypropylene fin seal filter gasket on each track that is made to ensure filter-to-track air leakage of less than ½ of 1% across the filter; high-memory sponge neoprene door edge gaskets that are deigned to prevent contaminants from migrating into (or out of) the housing, and poly sponge door gaskets that prevent filter bypass between the housings and filters. 

Construction is 16-gauge galvanized steel with out-turned standing flanges. Moisture weeping paths on the housings make them weatherproof, for exterior installation without modification. 

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