Cal Sensors' IRCO2 infrared CO2 sensor is built for HVAC applications

Cal Sensors' IRCO2 infrared CO2 sensor is built for HVAC applications. Designed to meet the accuracy and reliability requirements of demand controlled ventilation systems (DCVs), the IRCO2 is engineered to combine sensitivity and reliability.

Cal Sensors’ IRCO2 sensor applies non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) technology. The optical path consists of an emitter and detector designed to optimize the signal to noise performance. Unlike traditional CO2 sensors that produce a signal by reacting with the gas, thus degrading over time, NDIR sensors generate a signal passively, by measuring the absorption of infrared light through the gas. Consequently, the infrared system eliminates degradation concerns.

Cal Sensors’ IRCO2 uses a two-channel detector, thus eliminates the need for an extra detector. The emitter features a burst mode that only energizes the emitter 188 ms out of every 30 second measurement cycle. In addition, the IRCO2 delivers its highest sensitivity in the 4.26 micron wavelength region, where CO2 gas is absorbed.

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