Boge's S-3 series screw compressor is built for efficiency

Boge's S-3 series screw compressor is designed to increase efficiency and operate more quietly. The S series uses the Boge effilence, which is designed to contribute to increased air delivery and enhanced efficiency.

The 5:6 screw profile of the rotors (five main rotor teeth and six secondary rotor teeth) makes for lower differential pressure between the chambers and is designed to minimize volume flow loss. The small radius of the secondary rotor teeth means that the blow hole is as small as possible. The optimized speed is lower than in previous air ends.

The three key areas of Boge screw compressors - the electronic unit and drive, the compressor and the self-sufficient cooling system with a separate fan - are positioned along the main cooling airflow. All maintenance work can be carried out from one side, without the need to dismantle any components. The compressor control in its standard version uses an ergonomic Focus control.

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