Boge's Airtelligence Provis 2.0 controls up to 16 rigid or frequency-controlled compressors

Boge's Airtelligence Provis 2.0 controls complex compressor stations of up to 16 rigid or frequency-controlled compressors of various makes in an intelligent and consumption-independent way. The control visualizes central parameters (system pressure, volume flow rate, compressor status and operating times, etc.) on the web server in a clear manner. In addition, up to 24 accessory components, such as refrigerated air dryers, filters, fans, dampers or sensors can be integrated. Based on the actual compressed air consumption, the Airtelligence Provis 2.0 determines the increased or reduced demand and automatically selects the ideal compressor combination.

The PLC control with an intelligent control algorithm makes a pressure forecast based on the actual consumption data and also includes the reaction times of the connected compressors. This ensures that the compressors are always activated at the optimum point of time and that the specifically required compressed air rate is provided at a minimum energy input. The Airtelligence Provis 2.0 optimizes load and no-load times by reducing or avoiding frequent cycle behaviour. In addition to an optimization of the delivery quantity, the customers can also select an operating hour or maintenance hour optimized mode for the compressor station.

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