Azima DLI's TRIO CA8 / CX8 and CA10 / CX10 feature a portable design

Azima DLI's TRIO CA8 / CX8 and CA10 / CX10 vibration data collectors and machine condition analyzers feature a portable design to meet the demands of the field. Azima DLI’s TRIO brand data collectors are Portal-Enabled, allowing them to connect directly to the Azima DLI Watchman Reliability Portal for complete visibility into a facility’s PdM program with real-time results and business-level metrics.

The CX8 is designed for maintenance professionals who desire a thin, tablet-style device for their everyday work. New features and capabilities of the TRIO CA8 and CX8 aim to help maintenance workers circumvent time-intensive traditional data collection processes while ensuring top performance, productivity and safety to users evaluating the success of PdM programs.

The TRIO 8-series vibration data collector is a durable, lightweight instrument that features a 10” tablet controller allowing users to see data while they are in the field. The TRIO CX8 is Watchman Reliability Portal-Enabled and comes with Genuine Windows 7 Professional pre-installed.

The Trio 10-Series has been given an IP-65 environmental rating, offering customers who need an extremely rugged device the endurance demanded in some industrial environments.The CX10 features a large hot-swappable battery, dual-core processor and 10” touchscreen. The TRIO 10-series is also WatchmanReliability Portal-Enabled, empowering maintenance professionals with actionable information when they need it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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