AutomationDirect expands its Wera line of hand tools to offer improved efficiency

AutomationDirect has expanded its line of Wera hand tools to include ratchets and sockets, as well as combination wrenches, nut drivers, chisel drivers and additional screwdrivers. Seven-piece nutdriver sets made of chrome-plated steel feature hollow shanks to allow access to nuts on long screws and are available in inch and metric sizes.

Suitable for fastening, chiseling, and loosening seized screws, chisel screwdrivers feature a hexagonal blade which goes through the ergonomic handle to an impact cap fitted with a ¼-inch square socket to allow adding a ratchet for extra torque. Reduced diameter tip insulated screwdrivers feature a smaller diameter blade at the tip to allow access to recessed screws such as those used in terminal blocks. Additional standard screwdrivers include extra-long screwdrivers with 11.81-inch blades.

Combination ratchet wrenches feature a 12-point open end and a six-point stop plate that enables easier turning of bolts. Combination ratchet wrenches are available in four metric sizes. Drive ratchet tools are available in three sizes (1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, and ½-inch) and feature a swivel head that locks in five positions. Ratchets include a free-turning sleeve for faster work when using the ratchet as a screwdriver. Also available is an extra heavy duty half-inch drive ratchet and hammer combination with a removable extension arm, rubber hammer face pad and durable cloth holster.

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