Amacoil/Uhing RS8 drive runs on a threadless 8mm diameter shaft

Amacoil/Uhing has expanded its line of Model RS rolling ring linear drive nuts with the RS8 drive. The unit runs on an 8mm diameter case hardened and ground, smooth shaft. The RS8 nut is the smallest drive in the RS line, yet it provides the same axial thrust (100 Newtons) as the next larger size drive unit.

The RS8 linear drive runs on a smooth shaft. This provides built-in overload protection because if the system is somehow overloaded, the nut will slip and not jam.

The drive housing is made from an extruded aluminum profile. The nut has a standard linear pitch of 4mm. Four other pitch settings are available (mm): 3.2, 2.4, 1.6 and 0.8. An optional free movement lever may be used.

Like all Model RS drives, the RS8 features zero backlash linear motion. The inner race of each rolling ring bearing is in constant point-contact with the shaft.

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