Allegro Industries' Liftbak provides ergonomic lifting support

Allegro Industries' Liftbak is a 5-inch belt of rigid foam that supports the back during strenuous lifting. The buckle and locking closure is designed to hold securely yet allows for adjustment. Designed for greater durability and strength are Allegro’s Deluxe Spanbak, Spanbak and Bodybelt. The Deluxe Spanbak features breathable spandex backed with rubber grip webbing to prevent ride-up. The Spanbak comes in five sizes. All three of these belts are available with suspenders.

Among the other styles of back supports are the Flexbak and Maxbak belts. The Flexbak offers a three-part closure that ensures a custom fit and lumbar support. This 9-inch medical-style truss helps produce maximum bracing without pinching or riding up. The Maxbak is a weightlifting-style belt with a dual-side closure that provides a comfortable, non-pinching fit. The Economy Hi-Vis offers all the same features with high-visibility green suspenders and side elastic panels.

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