Alignment Supplies' ALiSENSOR Level features flatness measurement program app

Alignment Supplies' Flatness measurement program app enables users to measure the flatness of surfaces of a wide range of shapes and sizes through the ability of the ALiSENSOR Level to be calibrated to user-made fixtures of all sizes. The ability to customize the number of measurement points along both axes also enables users to perform detailed flatness measurements, while also equipping them with the ability to customize the number of measurement points for specific applications. The resolution of the ALiSENSOR Level provides flatness data with a resolution down to 0.0001”.

When the flatness measurement is completed, the user can choose reference points, and a PDF report can be created instantly with all the measurement data including an adjustable-scale schematic drawing of the flatness results. A table with the values of all measurement points is also included in the report, as well as minimum value, maximum value, and the total flatness value between the highest and lowest points. The resulting flatness measurement report is a fully customizable PDF with the ability to enter complementary measurement set-up information, and can also include a picture of the measurement object, taken with the built-in camera of the iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) display unit.

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