ABB’s PCS100 UPS-I and PCS100 AVC devices protect against voltage disturbances

ABB’s PCS100 UPS-I and PCS100 AVC power protection devices are built to protect sensitive industrial loads from voltage sags and other voltage disturbances with accurate regulation and load voltage compensation.

The ABB AVC and UPS-I are battery-free power protection solutions focused on reducing unplanned process downtime by ensuring that industrial loads continue to receive a clean, uninterrupted flow of power during major grid disturbances.

  • The AVC (Active Voltage Conditioner) protects sensitive industrial and commercial loads by providing voltage sag correction, continuous voltage regulation, and load voltage compensation. It is optimally designed to provide the required equipment immunity from the level of voltage sags expected on the AC supply network.
  •  The UPS-I is an off-line, short-time rated storage solution for semiconductor and data center applications. It uses energy storage (ultra capacitors, batteries, etc.) to allow the system (downstream load) to remain operational through short outages and very deep sags. The system operates with improved transient performance due to the revolutionary inverter commutated utility disconnect. This allows the UPS-I to more rapidly interrupt the connection to the utility and take over the load while minimizing the disturbance to the connected load.

The PCS100 UPS-I may be partnered with a PCS100 AVC. This combination of voltage regulation and ride through storage protection provides a complete level of power disturbance protection.

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