ABB's SNK ZS10-SF screw clamp fuse blocks offer high electrical ratings in a compact design

The ABB Low Voltage Products division has expanded its SNK series of terminal blocks by introducing the ZS10-SF screw clamp fuse blocks. At 8mm wide, the fuse blocks provide slim protection for 6.3 x 32mm fuses, with electrical ratings of 600V and 22A, and a wire range of 24 - 6 AWG. The ZS10-SF blocks are closed, requiring no end section. The fuse is mounted without touching any active parts by snapping the fuse into the hooks on the fuse holder door. When the door is closed, the fuse is securely connected.

ZS10-SF fuse blocks are available with or without blown fuse indication, and in an easy disconnect model. They have two jumper channels and accept the same jumpers and markers as standard ABB SNK terminal blocks.

There are three specific ZS10-SF fuse block models:

  • ZS10-SF: the standard non-indicating model.
  • ZS10-SF-R: featuring a blown fuse indicator to identify defective circuits:
    • ZS10-SF-R1 (24 – 110V)
    • ZS10-SF-R3 (115 – 250V)
  • ZS10-SF-R2: featuring a disconnect lever for simplified disconnect operations. The disconnect lever is operated by hand, and wiring of the alternated disconnect and fuse circuit is simplified.
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