ABB's Hoist Performance Monitoring Service detects problems before they occur

ABB has launched a service product for hoist systems: Hoist Performance Monitoring Service. ABB experts can monitor and analyze the hoist system remotely. Furthermore, regular monitoring ensures that possible failures are detected before causing severe problems.

ABB's Hoist Performance Monitoring Service connects customers' hoist system to experienced ABB experts to monitor and analyze the hoist's condition and performance. The service links hardware monitoring with secure remote access options and software. It contains two solutions to maintain the hoist performance.

Hoist service experts provide a scheduled quarterly analysis of collected data against established key performance indicators (KPIs). By utilizing remote sessions with ABB engineers, corrective actions can be implemented. After every analysis, the customer gets an associated report.

ABB offers continuous asset monitoring over extended periods of time. If the monitored hoist system shows abnormal conditions, pre-established triggers alert the customer immediately. ABB proactively investigates the source of the alarm and provides recommendations to restore process performance.

Powered by ABB's ServicePort service delivery platform, Hoist Performance Monitoring Service uses non-stop data collection and analysis to transform raw data into actionable information, quickly pinpointing issues so that the hoist operator can ensure optimal performance of equipment and systems. ServicePort enables the retrieval of information from numerous operational points, including the hoist's motor, hydraulics and brakes and helps to diagnose and identify root cause problems.

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