ABB's high inertia motors are designed for large axial fans

Baldor Electric Company is now offering ABB's high inertia motors that are designed for driving large axial fans. These fans are used across a broad range of industries and are currently in demand by plant operators seeking to comply with new air quality regulations such as the Clean Air Act in the United States.

Large axial fans are high inertia loads, which mean that motor start times are increased. The ABB high inertia motor is specially designed to withstand the increased temperature rise during start and stall conditions, and have stall times longer than their start times.

The high inertia motors utilize optimized rotor bar designs made from selected materials, including higher resistivity copper alloys. The motors have been re-dimensioned to accommodate the temperature rise associated with high inertia starts, and the overall design has been optimized to achieve balance between torque and temperature performance.

The 6- to 10-pole motors are designed in accordance with NEMA standards. They cover the power range 7000 to 18500 HP in frame sizes 710-900. Voltages can be supplied up to 13.2kV 60 Hz, with cooling systems available as WPII, TWEAC and TEAAC.

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