Abanaki adds new technology to its groundwater remediation systems line

Abanaki has added new technology to its groundwater remediation systems line. This product line will include the PetroXtractor Active Membrane Skimmer, PetroXtractor Passive Membrane Skimmer, and Leach-Aid Landfill Pump, intended for use in remediation and leachate (landfill) applications.

Currently, the groundwater remediation systems line features the PetroXtractor, a belt oil skimmer that is suitable for handling heavy oils. The new PetroXtractor Active Membrane Skimmer will extend the product line to be suitable to handle light oil applications. The Leach-Aid Landfill Pumps are constructed and designed to operate in the harsh conditions present in sites such as landfills.

The air-powered active skimmers are completely automatic and designed to recover free floating hydrocarbons from groundwater. Unlike other pump skimmers, the PetroXtractor active skimmer has an Oleophilic membrane that keeps the water out. Also available is a Passive Membrane Skimmer that requires no air power to operate and is ideal for monitoring or initial testing for contamination in applications.

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