Wago's Epsitron Pro Single-Phase Power Supplies feature PowerBoost and TopBoost functions

Wago’s Epsitron 787 Series Pro Power Supplies gain nine single-phase units. The Pro Single-Phase units feature PowerBoost and TopBoost functions. Wago’s 2-Stage PowerBoost is designed to accommodate high inrush loads to eliminate oversized switch mode power supplies.

TopBoost is engineered to accommodate circuit breakers for individual load circuit protection by providing 50msec of additional output at 3–6 times the rated current (varies per model). This permits selective shutdown of a faulted circuit. Stage 1 of the Pro Single-Phase PowerBoost then follows with up to 200% output current for four seconds to support heavy load start-up. Stage 2 then provides an additional 150% output current for two seconds.

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