Wago's 804 Series Push-Button PCB Terminal Blocks provide jumper-free commoning

Wago's 804 Series Push-Button PCB Terminal Blocks are designed to provide jumper-free commoning to support manufacturers exporting LED devices and industrial electronics. The modular 804 Series has factory-assembled strips that include grounding for up to four clamping units via internal commoning. Units are available in 5mm (2–16 poles), or 7.5mm (2–12 poles) pin spacing.

The 804 Series is built to provide tool-free, push wire terminations for solid and ferruled conductors AWG 28–12. Cage Clamps Spring Pressure Technology is made to resist vibration, corrosion and thermal cycling. The through-hole 804 Series is rated 300V/10A or up to 600V/20A (factory wiring).

804 Series’ modular design is engineered to reduce wiring errors in LED-based applications. It is built to enable individual poles to be color-coded to match component wiring. The terminal blocks feature an integrated test port and are made to provide marking via optional self-adhesive marker strips or custom, direct printing. Spacer blocks are optional to increase creepage and clearance distances where necessary.


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