Wago's 2002 Series Topjob S Terminal Blocks carry three jumper slots

Wago 2002 Series Topjob S Terminal Blocks carry three jumper slots. DIN-rail disconnect/test with mechanical interlock, mini-automotive blade-style fuse and fuse disconnect with pivoting holder are designed to accommodate one output and two input potential commoning. The third jumper slot is engineered to permit test and measurement via plugs/taps without distributing machine wiring.

Knife disconnect block: Rated 15A/300V, three models are available with or without a mechanical interlock. The interlock safely holds the disconnect link in place to assist test/measurement.

Mini-automotive blade-style fuse blocks: Three models are available — a 12V or 24V unit with a blown fuse LED, or without LED indication. Blade-Style blocks are rated 10A/300V.

Fuse disconnect with pivoting holder: Available with or without a blown fuse LED indicator, Fuse Disconnect Blocks with Pivoting holder accommodates mini-Metric fuses (5x20mm). Units are rated 6.3A/250V.

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