Thermal Arc's Fabricator 252i MIG-Stick-TIG welding system offers an output range of 5 to 300 amps

Thermal Arc's Fabricator 252i “3-in-1” MIG-Stick-TIG welding system is engineered to offer an output range of 5 to 300 amps (250 amps at 40% duty cycle). The Fabricator 252i is designed to enable users to choose the best process for the application at hand.

The Fabricator 252i is built to incorporates inverter technology in an effort to optimize arc performance for all three welding processes and is engineered to provide:

  • MIG inductance control to improve arc stability and reduce spatter
  • MIG spot and stitch welding control
  • Stick Hot Start to prevent the electrode from sticking
  • Stick Arc Force Control to adjust arc characteristics for all electrodes (including E7018 for structural steel and E6010 for pipe welding)
  • LIFT TIG for arc starts without high frequency.

Other features include a 10-pin receptacle for MIG welding aluminum with a spool gun, burn back control, run-in speed control and wire sharp to improve MIG arc starts, downslope control to reduce crater cracking when TIG welding, adjustable pre- and post-flow and 4T trigger hold control to reduce hand fatigue on long TIG or MIG welds.

The Fabricator 252i features power factor correction (PFC), which is designed to lower the unit’s primary current draw and enable it to provide full output on a 50-amp circuit. The Fabricator 252i is made to tolerate voltage fluctuations from 187 to 276 VAC, which makes it suited for running off any generator (including PTO-driven units) that supplies at least 8.2 kVA (6.6 kW) of power.

The unit comes with a TWECO Spray Master 250-amp MIG gun, TWECO WeldSkill 200 amp Stick electrode holder and Victor EDGE regulator.

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