Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 24vdc I/O modules improve system response time

Rockwell Automation has introduced high-speed input/output (I/O) modules for its ControlLogix programmable automation controller (PAC) platform. The Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 24vdc I/O modules, used with the ControlLogix 5570 family of PACs, are built to improve total system response time (SRT) through new hardware technology and peer-to-peer communication capabilities.

The modules also function in peer-to-peer mode, bypassing the controller entirely by establishing in-chassis connections that allow I/O modules to communicate directly with each other. Shifting task management to the I/O modules can relieve a controller of the overhead required to process and direct I/O modules, helping improve reliability in program execution and throughput. In peer-to-peer mode, input to output response time can be less than 100 microseconds (μS).

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