Rite-Hite's Insulator Dock Seal has a light-blocking header

Frommelt Products, a division of Rite-Hite, has introduced the Insulator Dock Seal with Light-blocking Header, a dock seal with a header that seals small light gaps caused by trailer protrusions. The Insulator Dock Seal design is comprised of features that protect against extreme wear and tear, lengthening the life of the seal. All trailer and forklift contact surfaces are reinforced with Durathon fabric over a vinyl base fabric for wear resistance. Durathon’s pebble-grained coating creates a friction-resistant surface that trailers slide against rather than abrade.

The Insulator’s corners are reinforced with layers of Durathon fabric and flexible high-molecular weight polyethylene (HMWPE) sheeting for resistance to damage, and these components are attached with industrial Velcro for replacement.

In addition, the Insulator head pad’s backerless construction frees it from the wall, allowing it to move with the trailer to reduce friction and wear, and also pivots to prevent yard jockey “pop-off.”

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