Predictive Service's Aerial Point software pinpoints roof problems

Predictive Service integrated predictive maintenance (PdM) and maintenance repair solutions has added Aerial Point to its suite of web-based software tools. This addition is designed to further enhance the Aerial Infrared approach of pinpointing problem areas with accuracy to avoid unnecessary roof replacements. AerialPoint is made to deliver multiple tracking, archiving and sorting features to serve more as a complete roof management program for Predictive Service clients.

Features include:

  • Complete roof asset information and points of interest can be added, such as chiller units, antennas, satellite dishes, gas and steam lines, solar panels, etc.
  • Aerial Point Ranking (APR) lets you pinpoint highest priority based on most critical and severity of damage.
  • Table view of an entire roof portfolio in addition to thumbnail views of each roof with drill-down capabilities for complete details on each roof.
  • Warranty information can be added, including information on deck type, roof type, install date, manufacturer, contractor, warranty expiration, etc., as well as problem areas associated with the warranty and a summary table cross referencing the problems by intensity and their state of repair.
  • Browser support for all major Web browsers
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