Omega's OSXL-T620 thermal imaging camera offers higher resolution and sensitivity

Omega Engineering's OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) is designed to have the highest thermal imaging resolution in its class. With 307,200 pixels at 640 × 480, OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) is built to give professional thermographers a higher thermal resolution and sensitivity. It is coupled with dual five-megapixel digital cameras.

The OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) is engineered for comfort with flexible ergonomics. With a rotating optical block and its interchangeable lenses, the OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) lets users tilt up or down along its 120° range of motion.

OSXL-T620 (FLIR T620) has Wi-Fi connectivity. Use the FLIRViewer app to import images from the camera, add more box areas and moveable spots and fine-tune images. It is built to share critical information immediately with decision makers on-site or by e-mail.

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