Omega's FMG800 Series electromagnetic flow meter offers flow and usage monitoring

Omega Engineering's FMG800 Series electromagnetic flow meter is designed for flow and usage monitoring applications in one-, two- and three-inch pipe. The polypropylene flow tube is engineered to offer corrosion resistance to a range of chemicals. With no moving parts, the magmeter permits unobstructed flow, minimizing flow disturbances and straight pipe requirements. The FMG800 Series is made to be used in piping configurations where there is little space between the meter and an elbow or valve. The FMG800 Series is built to be resistant to wear from sand and debris found in ground or surface water.

A hinged polyethylene cover is included that protects from dust and UV rays, while permitting access to the flow rate and total display. Flow rate and total can be displayed in a variety of units, but must be factory programmed. In the event of DC power loss, or when changing batteries, the FMG800 will retain internal settings and flow total. The FMG810 Series is externally powered via a five-pin connector cable.

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