NK Technologies' ASM Series Smart-Switches keep motors performing optimally

NK Technologies' redesigned ASM Series Smart-Switches use the actual load current to set the trip point. These current-sensing Smart-Switches are self-powered and self-calibrating. Three models are available to provide status monitoring, overload or underload, or operating window (overload and underload) functionality. The output contact is AC and DC compatible and is designed for use with any automation system.

The ASM sensor is designed to slide or snap over one conductor feeding the load. The contact controls the input voltage, AC or DC, to 135 volts to a controller or small relay. It takes just a couple of seconds of steady running conditions before the sensor locks onto the normal current level. If the load draws more current than normal or the current drops significantly, the sensor output will open. If the current falls below 85% of normal or increases above 125% of normal the contact will open, with no manually setting trip points and no adjustments needed unless a motor is replaced.

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