Meggitt's 993B-7-M12 features the M12 connector

Meggitt’s model 993B-7-M12 is the latest addition to the Wilcoxon Research three axis series. It features the M12 connector. It also has an upgraded external case. Designed for both route-based and permanent-mount applications, this accelerometer hosts three general-purpose 100 mV/g vibration sensors with ± 10% sensitivity tolerance. For permanent mounting applications, a captive mounting screw allows the sensor to be mounted in the most convenient direction for cable placement. Released in conjunction with the sensor are cable options that cover a broad range of applications. Straight, coiled and Teflon-coated options are available. Having a removable and replaceable cable in place of an integral cable means instead of replacing the sensor and cable, only the cable needs replacement.

The 993B-7-M12  features a frequency range from 2–10,000 Hz on the Z axis, and 2–7,000 Hz on the X and Y axes. Individual channel amplifiers of the 993B-7-M12 work to reduce the influence of out-of-band signals. Additionally designed enhancements have increased each channels’ dynamic range by 20 g. The 993B-7-M12 is hermetically sealed, ESD protected and EMI/RFI shielded. Reverse wire protection comes standard, to protect the internal circuit from failure, should the input power be misconnected.

Wilcoxon triaxial cable and connector options offer protection in permanent mount applications for harsh environments. Potting and soldering techniques complement Kevlar-reinforced cables capable of pull strengths up to 100 pounds. Wilcoxon M12 connectors are IP67 rated and well suited for wet, moisture-laden environments. They can be mated with the J9T4A family of Teflon-coated cable assemblies or the J84 cable, a Kevlar-reinforced cable which comes straight or coiled. Two length options are offered for the coiled version. For permanent mounting applications, CBT2 cable boxes are a plug-and-play solution for M12 to M12 connections. Rated at IP65, cable boxes are waterproof and connect remotely installed accelerometers to portable data collectors.

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