Meggitt Sensing Systems' 786-500-D2 accelerometer carries CSA approvals for Class I Div 2/Zone 2 areas

Meggitt's 786-500-D2 accelerometer is engineered to carry CSA approvals for Class I Div 2/Zone 2 areas and has a 500 mV/g output sensitivity and a broadband frequency response for multi-use applications. The Wilcoxon Research model 786-500-D2 accelerometer is designed for condition monitoring of a variety of rotating equipment, including those in hazardous areas.

The accelerometer is built to house a 500 mV/g sensing element with a 5% sensitivity tolerance coupled with a ± 3 dB frequency response range that covers 0.2 to 14,000 Hz. The 786-500-D2 is made to featue a full scale acceleration range of 10 g and a broadband noise floor of 250 μg.

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