Megger's TM1700 circuit breaker analyzer series tests your circuit breakers

Megger’s TM1700 circuit breaker analyzer series is designed to help you test your circuit breakers. Within the 1700 series, there are four models from PC-remote-controlled to fully stand-alone. All models can be managed from a computer using the data management and analyzing software CABAWin. Additionally, the DualGround method keeps the circuit breaker grounded on both sides throughout the test.

The TM1700 has all the functionality of the TM1600 and builds on its predecessor in many capacities. The operator of any TM1700 model may control the analyzer either locally or remotely. Additionally, the TM1700 comes with an optional current source for static and dynamic resistance measurement (SRM/DRM). Many analyzers use only one current source, requiring operators to string leads and climb up and down ladders or use basket lifts to make changes for each interrupter. None of that is necessary with the TM1700.

The TM1700 series possesses analog channels with 16-bit A/D converters and 40 kHz sampling rate on all channels.

The breaker control unit on the TM1700 allows for independent control of pulse generation per phase and automatic coil resistance measurement; offers dedicated automatic control voltage measurement (as stated in IEC 62271-100) and individual external coil current measurement per phase using an optional clamp-on CT (perfect for close coil current measurement when there is a X/Y relay in the circuit). It analyzes independent coil current measurement per phase and measures auxiliary contact timing automatically during standard close-and-open operation recordings.

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