Megger's BVM battery monitor monitors the voltage of individual cells

Megger's BVM battery monitor is designed to monitor the voltage of individual cells during storage battery discharge testing. Engineered for testing large storage batteries, the BVM uses a modular design, with one BVM module required for each cell in the battery bank. Each BVM module connects to the next with a single-cable daisy-chain connection. Up to 120 modules can be used simultaneously when testing a battery bank. All BVM modules are identical and are built to be used anywhere in the string.

BVM modules are supplied fitted with a dolphin-clip connector, but this can be exchanged with any standard banana-plug clamp or extension cable. An auto-discovery feature is engineered to enable the host device to automatically determine the number of cells in the battery under test, identifying the cells sequentially.

Two user-selectable voltage ranges are offered by the BVM modules: 0 to 5 V DC and 0 to 20 V DC. Resolution is 1.00 mV on both ranges with an inaccuracy of < 0.1% of full scale ± 0.002 V. The maximum battery string voltage supported by the BVM system is 300 V DC.

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