MAG's Freedom eWare software provides machinery status, productivity data and machinery analytics

MAG's Freedom eWARE software suite is a manufacturing data reporting platform that is designed to provide availability performance and quality feedback from any industrial asset on the plant floor. eWARE is a modular and scalable software package for data acquisition, condition monitoring, energy monitoring, and cell control, capable of generating reports and analytics. The software, which is MTConnect compliant, can interact with smart phones, tablet PCs and similar mobile devices, displaying machinery status, productivity data and machinery analytics for various systems on a plant network.

eWARE consists of five modules for logging, analyzing and reporting information, plus a control- resident eCONNECT interface for each machine that uses a PC front-end control. For non-PC-based CNCs, PLCs and manual machines, eCONNECT runs on a hardware appliance with discrete MAG-3510 eWARE manufacturing and maintenance software I/O connections to specific machine electrics. eCONNECT acts as a data collection hub and access point for equipment on the plant floor, and supplies information to the five software modules: eLOG, eSCOPE, eMONITOR, eENERGY and eCELL.

eLOG uses algorithms based on AMT and VDI standards to categorize time into six different areas: Plant Shut-Down, Scheduled Downtime, Delay Time, Repair Time, Not-In-Cycle Process Time and In-Cycle Time. Reports available in eLOG include: top 25 alerts, top 25 events, top 25 programs by duration or by count, a daily view of activity over a 24-hour period, a tapestry report for day-by-day or hour-to-hour comparisons, and OEE. The software can also send text and email alerts.

The eSCOPE module is maintenance-driven and is made to provide in-depth machine diagnostics and monitoring utilities. It permits visualization of machine data and allows setting user-configurable trigger points for diagnosing problems.

eMONITOR analyzes and displays data on machine and process health, such as vibration, temperature, pressure, spindle/axis current, etc., for establishment of a condition-based maintenance program. Capable of correlating multiple I/O conditions, eMONITOR is engineered to allow detection of small anomalies before component failure, detect process variation prior to production, and determine whether a component or process is in a nominal condition.

eENERGY is built to allow plant management to develop an ideal balance between energy consumption, cycle time, part programs and tooling by correlating energy consumption trends related to specific machines, programs and tools. It can alert manufacturing teams of peak usage thresholds for purposes of shift balancing, and allows cycle optimization by energy consumption of each tool.

eCELL is cell control software for automated palletized manufacturing systems and parallel processing of parts. It is designed to allow management of cell resources and operations to improve production flows and facilitate "lights out" operations.

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