Lift Products' Maxx-Mini Lifter offers both rigid and adjustable fork styles

Lift Products' Maxx-Mini Lifter features a rigid or adjustable fork style. The Max-Mini Lifter is designed to get into tight spaces. The battery-operated lift includes a 12-volt battery and automatic on-board charger. The lift comes standard with 22-inch-long adjustable forks; a chrome slide on platform is optional for applications where a platform is preferred.

The MMSE-30 offers both rigid and adjustable fork styles. Certain applications with open bottom containers or pallets like the rigid fork style hiding the outrigger leg under the fork in the lowered position, not having to contend with the outrigger. Other applications require the legs to straddle the load and need adjustable forks. The MMSE-30 is engineered to offer both.

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