LEDtronics' T5 tube-style LED lamps are designed to reduce power consumption

LEDtronics' T5 tube-style LED lamps are direct replacements for 12V xenon and halogen T3/T4 subminiature glass bulbs from 4 to 15 watts. This includes Xenon 1205X (5W) and Halogen lamps 774 (8W), 891 (8W, 12.8V) and 773 (8W).

The LEDtronics LEDG4BP-2W series of lamps works with high-frequency power supplies for 12VDC or 12VAC, and engineered to consume 0.8 watts at 12VAC, and 1.4 watts at 12VDC voltage input.

These subminiature lamps come with a dual-pin G4 base and are available in 3000K warm white or 5500K pure white light colors. A removable 5.2mm lead spacer is included.
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