LEDtronics' bayonet-base 6/7 LED cluster lamps replace incandescent bulbs

LEDtronics' sunlight-visible, bayonet-base 6/7 LED cluster lamps are designed as a replacement for incandescent T3¼ miniature bulbs. The solid-state design of the BF3126 and BF3127 Series LED lamps is engineered to render them impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes.

The miniature bayonet base bulbs are available in the following LED light colors, all sunlight-visible: 470nm Super Blue (InGaN), 525nm Aqua Green (InGaN), 570nm Lime Green (InGaAlP), 595nm Super Yellow (InGaAlP), 612nm Super Orange, 660nm Ultra Red (GaAlAs/GaAlAs), 8,000K Cool White (InGaN) and 3,000K Warm White (InGaN).

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