Jenny Products' GT-Series electric-powered, two-stage air compressors offer high-pressure output

Jenny Products' GT-Series electric-powered, two-stage air compressors are designed for high-pressure output. The line consists of four models with 8-, 15-, 17- and 30-gallon tanks. All units are engineered to produce 15.5 CFM at 100 PSI or 15.2 CFM at 175 PSI. They’re driven by commercial-grade, 5-horsepower electric motors, which operate from a 230-volt, single-phase power source.

Features include powder-coated air tanks and cast-iron compressor pumps. A directional air shroud, finned intercooler and large flywheel are made to keep pump temperatures low and assist in start-up. Also, Jenny’s “Ultimate Blue” synthetic pump oil is formulated to protect the unit’s pistons, crankshaft, bearings, rings and cylinders through a splash lubrication system.

Additional features include protectively mounted fittings and totally enclosed belt guards. The units include dual pneumatic wheels, a lift handle and a six-foot power cord.

Other standard features include pressure relief safety valves, large canister intake filters with replaceable filter elements, manual tank drains, unloading valves, stainless steel braided discharge hoses, anti-vibration feet, and tank, regulator and outlet pressure gauges.

Options include start/stop control, dual control, a dual voltage switch, an on/off switch, oil sight glass, air line filter and a lubricator. Other pressure configurations can be customized upon request.

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