ITT Goulds' PumpSmart Control Solutions provide advanced control and reliability

ITT Goulds' PumpSmart Control Solutions are designed to enable high degrees of control and protection for a full selection of pumps. Utilizing a smart VFD controller and proprietary control software, PumpSmart is made to provide advanced process control, enhanced reliability through failure prevention, reduced life cycle costs and lower energy costs.

PumpSmart provides automatic pump control by integrating the pump controller in the drive. No external controller is required. Designed to be applied to any manufacturer’s centrifugal or positive displacement pump, PumpSmart is engineered to deliver insight into pump performance through these sensorless functions:

  • Smart Flow — determining flow measurement within 5% of the pump’s rated flow using only four pieces of standard price book performance curve data.
  • Flow Economy — defining how much fluid can be moved per unit of energy. Using SmartFlow, PumpSmart calculates true pump system efficiency.
  • Advanced Pump Protection — shielding pumps from process upset conditions such as dry-run, dead-head, shut-off, minimum flow and run-out.

PumpSmart’s MultiPump Control is built to enable coordination of two to four pumps, automatically staging and destaging pumps as the load changes. PumpSmart systems provide efficient management of multiple pumps by running only the pumps necessary to meet current system demand. In addition, PumpSmart balances flow between pumps. Multipump control also provides a backup feature to automatically enable the next available pump in case of system faults.

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