General Monitors' Gassonic Observer-H Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector features HART communications

General Monitors' Gassonic Observer-H Ultrasonic Gas Leak Detector is designed for gas leak detection in pressurized systems. The Gassonic Observer-H features HART communications, Modbus with single- and block-transfer modes, Emerson AMS Intelligent Device Manager support, and event logging. The Observer-H is ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA hazardous area certified and SIL 3 suitable.

The Gassonic Observer-H detects gas leaks by sensing the airborne ultrasound emitted from leaking gas at high pressure. It is engineered to be unaffected by changing wind directions, gas dilution and the direction of the leak. The Gassonic Observer-H is built to supervise areas up to a 20 meter radius and can detect leaks as small as 0.1 kg/sec..

The detector also offers the Senssonic integrated acoustic self-test, which is designed to verify the integrity of the instrument’s electric circuit and microphone every 15 minutes. It features stainless steel, AISI 316L explosion-proof housing.

The Gassonic Observer-H features a high pass filter to remove frequencies below 25 kHz. At the same time, setting the alarm trigger level above the ultrasonic background noise is engineered to ensure the detector accurately detects gas leaks. The Observer-H is equipped with a three-digit LED display and an event logging function that stores fault, sound check, calibratio, and alarm event history.

The Gassonic Observer-H detects leaks at a frequency range of 25-70 kHz at a dynamic range of 58-104 dB. Detection coverage varies from 13-20 m radius in very low noise areas (<58 dB), 9-12 m radius in low noise areas (<68 dB), to 5-8 m radius in high noise areas (<78 dB). Such distances are defined for a methane gas leak of 0.1 kg/s.

The Gassonic Observer-H operates at a temperature range of -40° F to 140° F (-40° C to 60° C) and at a humidity range of 10 to 95% RH.

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