eMaint X3 maintenance management software offers new enhancements

Several enhancements have been added to eMaint X3 that are of particular benefit to enterprise-level clients:
  • Attach documents to print and email with work orders - Documents such as illustrations, manuals and lockout / tagout procedures can be associated with assets and automatically printed or emailed when work orders are generated.
  • Document storage feature - This feature allows system users to upload documents (such as manuals, images, drawings, procedures), link them to records in eMaint, and share them with other users across multiple locations. This feature was designed for multi-location clients who don’t wish to host their own documents.
  • Vendor portal - A vendor portal can be created that allows vendors and outside contractors to assign work, acknowledge work requests, update costs and attach documents and images such as invoices or drawings. This feature allows you to define what information you wish to make available to outside contractors.
  • FTP reports - Auto-generated reports can now be posted directly to an FTP server. This is particularly helpful when communicating with third-party applications.
  • Support for smartphones and tablets - Expand the power of eMaint X3 with MX mobile, which provides support for mobile devices including smartphones.
  • “My eMaint” branding - With this optional feature, we will rebrand our software to include your company logo and color scheme.
  • Projects and gantt charts - You can now define a project in eMaint X3 and associate work orders with it. This allows you to track labor and material costs for all work associated with major projects (such as renovations).
  • Consolidated account enhancements - Consolidated accounts allow you to aggregate data across multiple accounts and locations. Recent enhancements expanded the data available for consolidated account reporting.
  • Distribution accounts - Distribution accounts allow you to create data (such as assets, parts, contacts, PM tasks) at a master account level and push it out to all associated accounts. This feature is particularly useful for creating standardized work procedures, rolling out changes to standardized procedures and ensuring that work is performed consistently at all locations.
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