Dwyer's FBLT Submersible Level Transmitter has a flush diaphragm

Dwyer Instruments' Series FBLT Submersible Level Transmitter is designed with a flush diaphragm to prevent clogging in harsh applications. Its narrow body design is made to fit into stilling wells and narrow installations. The diaphragm is made of a PTFE-coated FKM fluoroelastomer that is stick resistant and resilient in aggressive fluids. The diaphragm cavity is filled with a gel. The body of the FBLT is constructed of 316 SS with a cable of either polyurethane or ETFE.

This unit measures the height of the liquid above the position that it is mounted in a tank or pit in reference to atmospheric pressure. A ventilation tube in the cable is used to compensates for changes in atmospheric pressure above the fluid. This vent is protected with a filter, eliminating particulate or water droplets from entering the transmitter. The FBLT incorporates lighting and surge protection. An optional NPT connection is made to allow the unit to be rigidly installed in a pipe/conduit or to be attached to our A-625 Cable Hanger, hanging loop for sturdiness when using a chain to pull the unit out of the installation.

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