Dwyer Instrument's 648C Differential Pressure Transmitter offers an accuracy of ± 0.4%

Dwyer Instrument's Series 648C Differential Pressure Transmitter is designed to be used with clean, dry air and other non-corrosive gases. These transmitters offer an accuracy of ± 0.4%. Each unit features a push-activated zero function and an associated LED light indicator. With the push-button, zero calibration can be performed without any additional equipment.

The dual-color LED indicates if the transmitter is at normal operation, overpressure, or in the process of zero calibration. The enclosure consists of a flame-retardant plastic top cover and a stainless steel bottom plate. The pressure ranges vary from 0.1 in w.c. to 25 in w.c. unidirectional and 0.25 in w.c. to 5 in w.c. bidirectional. Each unit features a 2-wire 4 to 20 mA output that is fully protected against short circuiting and incorrect wiring.

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