Clean Air America ScandMist 70D and 100D air filtration systems remove oil mist

Clean Air America introduces two Clean Air America ScandMist air filtration systems for capturing and removing oil mist from manufacturing facilities. The Clean Air ScandMist 70D and 100D are compact oil mist filtration solutions for any size plant or facility, designed to keep the air clean in any type of industrial environment.

The Clean Air ScandMist systems feature fiber bed technology that allows oil mist to condense on the filter fibers where it collects to form micro-droplets that, when large enough, drip off the filter and drain into the reservoir for future collection of oil. The filters are designed to remain unclogged. An optional variable frequency drive measures the air speed through the filters, keeping the air speed at peak efficiency for air cleaning with minimum power consumption. An integrated silencer and built-in acoustical lining keep the system quiet. Removable filter doors with lift-off hinges are built to make changing filters easy and quick.

An optional third filtration stage incorporates a HEPA filter that cleans the air beyond OSHA standards, with 99.95% efficiency at 0.3 microns. The Clean Air ScandMist 100D optionally features the Clean Air Economizer, an automatic starting and shut down capability that reduces power consumption. A return pumping system is available for automatic lubricant recycling. 

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