Cameron's MSNX compressor controls coordination system improves energy savings through operational efficiency

Cameron's Maestro Systemiser NX (MSNX)  is a standalone compressor controls coordination system designed to integrate Maestro Universal and Maestro Legend (aka Vantage) control panels. The coordination of current and legacy control panels provides the ability to coordinate the operation of new machines and those that have proven their worth to achieve energy savings through improved operational efficiency. The MSNX is available in two installation configurations with CE and UL quality certifications. The MSNX port replication ability allows for immediate integration with original network paths.

Product features:

  • Web server for remote viewing of historical data and live performance
  • Port replication
  • Inherent load coordination control
  • A single MSNX coordinates up to eight control panels
  • Interlock mechanism allows two MSNXs to be linked
  • Internally loaded help documents and manuals
  • Event scheduling for automated compressed air system control
  • Data logging as .csv files
  • DCS communications
  • Compressor performance visualization
  • Protective alarm and trip settings
  • Email and mobile SMS alerts
  • Touchscreen controls
  • USB port for data export to spreadsheet software
Product Type: