Boge's C 15 series screw compressors maximum efficiency and flexibility

Boge's C 15 series screw compressors are designed to offer maximum efficiency and flexibility. The 11 kW/15 PS C 15 and C 15 D models are available with integrated dryers. Frequency regulated variants are also available with the C 15 F and the C 15 FD models. Thanks to the variable frequency regulation, these models consume only the energy which is needed for the actual compressed air demand. In addition, the fan for the C 15 F is independent of the frequency regulation of the drive system. The screw compressors are equipped with electro-motors of the “premium efficiency” class IE 3. The C 15 models additionally offer a housing concept which allows for integration of a heat recovery system and a dryer. The compressor air end is seated on four rubber feet, reducing vibration and further reducing the noise in operation.

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