Boge's BlueKat screw compressors provide oil-free compressed air

Boge's BlueKat screw compressors with integrated converters are designed to be used without limitation for all applications that depend on oil free compressed air.

Boge BlueKat compressors are based on the screw compressors of the S series with traditional oil injection. A converter is integrated directly after the compression stage, serving to oxidise the oil contained in the compressed air into carbon dioxide and water. The purified air has a residual oil content of less than 0.01 mg/m3 and is thus considered to be absolutely oil free compressed air. This result is achieved independently of the quality of the intake air.

The models in the Boge BlueKat series are intended to cover the 40 and 50 hp performance classes and produce 135-235 cfm of oil free compressed air at 100, 125, 150 and 190 psi. A variant with a frequency controlled drive is also available.

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