Banner Engineering's SureCross B2Q Gateway module provides embeddable communication capabilities

Banner Engineering's SureCross B2Q Gateway module was developed to provide embeddable communication capabilities for the company’s Q45 wireless sensor network. The module features discrete outputs and DIP switches to map inputs from up to two wireless sensors to the Gateway’s outputs.

The SureCross B2Q Gateway module initiates communication with the Wireless Q45 sensors and controls timing and configuration for the entire network through the following performance features:

  • Two sourcing discrete outputs
  • Site Survey analyzes the network’s strength and reliability and conveys results through bi-color LED indicator
  • DIP switches allow users to select one of eight defined I/O mapping configurations to automatically map the Q45’s inputs to the Gateway’s outputs
  • Transceivers provide bidirectional communication between the Gateway and Q45, including fully acknowledged data transmission
  • Lost RF links are detected and relevant outputs set to user-defined conditions
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