Balluff's RFID tool identification system replaces manual or barcode-based tool ID and tracking methods

Balluff’s RFID tool identification system is designed to replace manual or barcode-based tool ID and tracking methods. The system is engineered to transfer up-to-date tool life information and accurate transferring tool offset data between Presetter, machine, tool crib, etc. With industrial RFID tags embedded in the tool holder, tools are optimally utilized. According to the company, nominal/actual wear is logged and maintained with the tool and can be kept in a tool database.

Information such as tool pocket location is engineered to be recalled at any time, even after removal from the tool magazine, since the information is located on the tool itself. While locating or replacing a tool, the tool data is sent electronically.

Balluff industrial RFID-based tool ID systems are built to provide the analysis data which is indispensable for exact cost calculations and inventory control. A tool’s life can be predicted for a customer’s individual application and inventory can be maintained on a just in time basis.

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