AutomationDirect's Nitra line of pneumatic components includes tubing and fittings

AutomationDirect has added new models of tubing and fittings to its Nitra line of pneumatic components, as well as blow guns and aluminum manifolds.

Available in 100-foot and 250-foot lengths, Nitra 16mm polyurethane tubing is built to have a shore A 98 hardness rating, provide tight outside diameter tolerance and offer kink resistance. The ether-based tubing is engineered to provide hydrolysis, oil and cold resistance.

Nitra brass adapter fittings and plugs are available in 10 different styles. Machined from yellow brass bar stock or forging, the fittings are built to withstand pressure up to 800 psi. Designed with NPT threaded connections, male and female connectors are available in 1/8-inch to ½-inch sizes, in either two-pack or five-pack quantities.

Plugs and couplers, in ¼-inch and 3/8-inch sizes, are available in Industrial Interchange manual or automatic and universal automatic styles. Male and female fittings are NPT threaded and are designed to withstand pressure up to 250 psi. Swivel fittings made of chrome-plated steel are built to withstand pressure of 145 psi.

Nitra aluminum manifolds are engineered to withstand maximum pressure up to 500 psi and are available in two styles. Round manifolds feature one 3/8-inch NPT threaded input and either two or three ¼-inch NPT outputs. Rectangular manifolds have ½-inch NPT inputs on either end and have either three or five ¼-inch NPT outputs.

Nitra blowguns (or nozzles) are available in palm type with safety tip, pistol grips (aluminum and plastic models), pocket, and plastic grip with flexible nozzles in various lengths. The blowguns are engineered to have a maximum input pressure of 120 psi .

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