Atlas Copco's GA compressor range is built for efficiency

Atlas Copco Compressors' 40- to 125-horsepower GA oil-injected screw air compressor range includes three options: the GA 37-90 VSD (50 to 125 hp), the GA 30+-75+ (40 to 100 hp) premium fixed-speed variant, and the GA 37-90 (50 to 125 hp), which are made to deliver performance and Free Air Delivery (FAD) in a base package.

The GA’s integrated dryer, an option for all machines in the range, uses R410A refrigerant that is made to reduce the dryer’s power consumption by up to 50% and does not contribute to ozone depletion. The GA line also includes a number of improvements to the oil-treatment system. The air compressor’s condensate can be disposed of directly into a sewage treatment system, due to the GA’s integrated condensate treatment, making it suitable for ISO 14001-certified companies. 

The GA line also features Atlas Copco’s Elektronikon, a compressor control system that is built to provide system managers with round-the-clock remote monitoring capabilities. An “app” is also available to allow remote monitoring from smart devices. The GA’s electrical cubicle also features a forced air cooling system, which is made to draw in less conductive dust and particulate matter.

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