Appleton's Areamaster LED luminaire delivers 13,000 lumens

Appleton's Areamaster LED luminaire is designed to provide a high lumens-per-watt output, improved color rendering and a service life of 60,000 hours. This corrosion-resistant luminaire is targeted for adverse and hazardous locations (Class I Div.2.).

Rated at 127 watts, the Areamaster LED is engineered to deliver an optimal 13,000+ lumens of cool white light in a 131 degree (horizontal) x 134 degree (vertical) beam spread. The directional light does not require the use of external optics. The Areamaster LED has a corrected color temperature of 5650K.

The Areamaster LED features a one-piece die-cast aluminum housing. It is enclosed and gasketed with a single piece of formed silicone rubber. A bronze polyester finish is designed to protect it from UV rays, rough weather and salt water. The lens is made of thermal-shock, impact-resistant glass that is made to not fade due to exposure to the sun.

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