Adalet's stainless steel VC4X and VH4X enclosures carry IP66 rating

Adalet's stainless steel VC4X and VH4X enclosures feature a continuous, one-piece silicone gasket that is designed to provide an IP66 ingress rating for dust-tight and water-tight locations. Available in 304 or 316L stainless steel, the enclosures include lift-off door hinges. The ¼-turn door latches include a double-bit insert. Mounting feet can be oriented in either horizontal or vertical directions, and an internal/external earth stud is included as standard.

The enclosures can be drilled to match customer modification specifications and can be equipped with mounting DIN rail and terminal block assemblies. Customizations such as holes and cut-outs, breather/drains, terminal block population, various ¼-turn inserts, gland plates and operators are available. Other versions that include a clamped cover and screw cover are also available.

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