Abbco's green particulate absorbent products meet many requirements of recycled content

Abbco’s line of green particulate absorbent products is designed to meet many state and government agency requirements of recycled content.

  • K-Sorb “Universal” Particulate is absorbent recycled cellulose used to absorb liquid spills in industrial settings. K-Sorb is a non-carcinogenic, low-dust alternative to clay-based absorbents and diatomite.
  • Oil Hawg is a natural organic fiber that self remediates. It is made to restore a surface to acceptable levels for all plants and animals. Oil Hawg is infused with microbes and essential nutrients that are designed to enhance bioremediation in hydrocarbon-based spills on land or water.
  • Abbco’s “Natural” Oil Only Boom is 95% recycled cellulose that rejects water and is built to provide a higher capacity of absorbency over Polypropylene Boom. It comes with steel nickel plated snaps, UV-resistant polyester netting, high tensile strength rope to help eliminate boom roll. Natural socks and pillows are also available.
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