Wika's air2guide line of differential pressure gauges is designed for filter monitoring

Wika's air2guide line of differential pressure (DP) gauges (mechanical and electronic) is designed for filter monitoring, incline tube manometers, DP switches, DP transmitters and air flow velocity pressure transmitters for measuring the volume flow and air velocity in air ducts. The series is completed by a volatile organic compounds (VOC) air quality pressure sensor and a carbon dioxide (CO2) pressure sensor, used to measure VOC and CO2 content in the air.
Standardized case designs allow mechanical and electronic output configurations to utilize identical components and permit the replacement of only the measuring system. Another feature of the air2guide is the ability to align the dial from the front of the pressure gauge after the pressure gauge has been installed. A line of accessories, mounting options, custom dials and configurations are also available in the air2guide line.

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